Mayor Comments on Trees Removed from Development Site for Redskins Summer Training Camp

Mayor Dwight C. Jones today released the following statement about the removal of trees from the development site of the Redskins summer training camp:

 “I was taken aback to learn that more trees were removed from the site than originally anticipated. This is counter to our commitment to protect the older hardwood trees at the west end of the property. We are reviewing the matter to determine what mistakes were made so that we can prevent further problems from occurring.

“I have always committed to replacing trees one-for-one, and I reiterate that commitment today. I have also directed that a new landscaping plan be developed and larger, more mature trees be used for the western area. I know that everyone is moving forward quickly with construction to meet our June 2013 deadline, but we need to be mindful of commitments. A mistake was made, and we need it to be rectified, and we need to prevent further problems.”