Mayor Jones’ Statement on Redskins’ Summer Training Camp Steering Committee Meeting

Mayor Dwight C. Jones issued the following statement today following the initial meeting of the Steering Committee he appointed to advise him on the opening of the Washington Redskins’ Summer Training Camp in the city of Richmond.

“Today marks the launching of our review process. The Steering Committee we’ve assembled is tasked with helping us prepare for this world-class opportunity to host the Redskins Summer Training Camp here in Richmond for the next eight years and I was pleased to formally convene the work of the Committee today.

“I’ve named Mike Fraizer, owner of the Richmond Raiders, as chair of the Steering Committee. We have designed the work of the Steering Committee to take place in a relatively quick turnaround process as we plan to get this review done inside of three months. Ultimately, we want to produce a top training camp; not only from the player perspective, but also from the fan perspective.

“Right now we are using a wide funnel and all sites are under consideration as the committee begins its work. At least ten sites are on the table and all sites considered will be within the city limits. The Committee will undertake a few site visits of existing training camp facilities as we go through this process and some of the work will be done in smaller groups. We plan to have our work completed by mid-September, if not earlier.

“In addition to the site review work itself, the committee will discuss issues related to financing. However, it is premature to say what the specific costs will be, as costs will be driven by the site decision that is made and have to be looked at on at least three fronts which includes, whether we retrofit or build a new field house, field cost itself, and how extensive the facilities will be to create the appropriate fan experience.”