City Enters Final Stages of Pothole Blitz

City officials announced today an aggressive plan to address an estimated 613 open pothole requests throughout the city of Richmond, including those logged via Since the beginning of the fiscal year, 1,846 potholes have been filled. "The number of potholes has increased substantially in recent weeks as a result of the record snowfalls that the area has experienced," said Chief Administrative Officer Byron Marshall. "DPW crews have been deployed on a strategic basis to ensure that we close out our pothole repair blitz within the next several weeks."

Pothole repair is an ongoing operation of the Department of Public Works (DPW) in the city of Richmond. Since February 16, DPW crews have filled 80 to 100 potholes on a daily basis as weather conditions allow. Under the stepped up action, Priority 1 streets, or main arterials, are being focused on initially. But city officials expect to have potholes on both the main arterials and Priority 2 roads filled no later than March 12. The plan is for pothole repair in residential neighborhoods to begin by March 15. Pothole repair is impacted by weather conditions and city crews will need to be redeployed to the vacuum leaf collection program which is set to resume March 1. However, the city will still have crews solely dedicated to pothole repair throughout the final stages of this pothole repair effort.

Residents are encouraged to take action and report all potholes. Presently, the city is receiving about 25 pothole reports per day. Potholes can be reported 24 hours a day online at or residents may call in a request using the city's 3-1-1 system during business hours. DPW will also conduct more road inspections during this repair period to ensure that all required repairs are identified. More permanent repairs and improvements are scheduled for the upcoming paving season which runs from April 1 through the end of October, depending on weather. Upcoming paving projects are listed on the city's website at