Ice Rink Permit Update

City Agrees that Proper Procedure Should be Followed
~All necessary permits for ice skating rink have been applied for~

The city of Richmond's Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) today underscored that a building permit should have been issued prior to work beginning: however, no mechanical or electrical work for the downtown ice skating rink preceded the permitting process and that all permits have been filed for and approved. Questions about the permitting process were raised after the city's department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities constructed a wooden frame and filled the area with sand to ensure a level base prior to the impending installation of the portable ice skating rink. "All relevant city departments are being reminded that they are to determine whether permits are required for work even if that work seems routine," said CAO Byron Marshall.

"The only work that transpired prior to the permitting process was essentially the building of a sandbox," said Ray Abbasi, the city's acting building commissioner. "The nature of the problem has been resolved and all permits have been issued. We are working with all parties involved with this project to ensure that proper procedures are adhered to and that all inspections are conducted according to USBC (Univorm Statewide Building Code). There is no reason to expect anything other than a sound structure that will bring much enjoyment to city residents and visitors."

The city announced last week that the new ice skating attraction will be opening on December 22 at 6 p.m. The rink will be located adjacent to Center Stage at 6th Street on the Broad Street side. Private donations funded the purchase and installation of the rink and admission fees are expected to cover much of the operating costs. Children under ten will be allowed free admission, but will require adult supervision. The admission price for all others will be $5 per person. Skate rentals are $3 a pair for kids and $5 for adults. Rink users can bring their own skates.

Holiday hours are expected to be set for the rink with shorter operational hours anticipated after the holiday season. A final operational schedule is being prepared and will be announced during the grand opening.