Mayor's Pedestrian, Bicycling and Trails Planning Commission Holds Inaugural Meeting Today

Pursuant to Mayor’s Order #2010-02, Mayor Dwight C. Jones has established a Pedestrian, Bicycling and Trails Planning Commission. This commission was established to provide city administration advice on ways to incorporate bicycling and walking as viable methods of transportation in the city of Richmond. The commission will hold its inaugural meeting today at 2 p.m. in the 2nd floor large conference room of City Hall, 900 East Broad Street.

“According to the City of Richmond Transportation Plan and the City of Richmond Master Plan 2000 – 2020, the city’s current transportation system is not friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Mayor Jones. “There are limited pedestrian or bicycle routes with limited signage; a lack of walking and bicycle maps and park and lock facilities; limited venues for the ease of exercise for disabled residents; and a lack of pedestrian and bicycle safety education resources.”

The recommendations made by the commission will lead to the creation of a Richmond City Pedestrian, Bicycling and Trails Plan that will include education, safety and public awareness components.

“It is my hope that this plan will improve the environment by reducing the city’s dependence on motor vehicles, reduce traffic by getting more cars off of the roads, and improve the health of our residents by promoting physical activity,” said the Mayor.

The commission will hold its inaugural meeting today under the direction of the city’s Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Human Services Dr. Carolyn Graham. Commission members include City Councilman Doug Conner, Dr. Carolyn Graham, Viktoria Badger, Champe Burnley, Nathan Burrell, Mark Cooper, Shane Cusick, Ralph Davis, Dr. Sheryl Finucane, Dr. Sylvia Gale, Murty Gollakota, Laurie Mehler, Paz Ochs, Jay Paul, Dr. Kimberly Perry, Tyler Potterfield, Karen Reed, Greg Rollins, Jennifer Wampler, Charles Ward, Dr. Michael Welch, and Alicia Zatcoff. The Commission will also be supported by a cross-functional team made-up of representatives from the departments of Public Works, Budget and Strategic Planning, Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, Human Services, and Economic and Community Development.