City Celebrates Manchester General District Courthouse Expansion

WHO: Mayor Dwight C. Jones
Kathy Graziano, President Richmond City Council
Ellen Robertson, Vice President Richmond City Council
General District Court Judges of the city of Richmond

WHAT: Dedication ceremony of Manchester General District Courthouse expansion

WHEN: Friday, January 8, 2010 at 2 p.m.

WHERE: Manchester General District Courthouse
920 Hull Street
Richmond, VA 23224


The Manchester General District Courthouse expansion has more than doubled the size of the courthouse, from 27,260 to 58,590 square feet, which includes three new General District criminal courtrooms and support facilities. The expanded Manchester Courthouse will include additional office space for the Commonwealth’s Attorney, General District Court Clerk, Richmond City Sheriff, and public defenders. The additional space will allow for increased file storage, new underground “sally port” prisoner transportation area, and new prisoner holding and control areas. The expansion also includes three permanent parking lots which are adjacent to the courthouse, increasing the total number of off-street parking spaces from 24 to 187.

Contact: Tammy Hawley, (804) 646-3110