City’s “Imagine Festival” Celebrates Community Diversity

The city of Richmond will host the 5th annual “Imagine Festival” at Broad Rock Park on Saturday, October 24, from noon to 5 p.m. Admission to this community and family event is free.

The Imagine Festival is an exciting event offering free food, dance performances, arts, crafts, vendors, and fun activities for the entire family. A unique component of this year’s festival is a softball tournament including teams from the Richmond Police Department and area community organizations.

“This is a perfect opportunity for the community to come together with city departments such as the Richmond Police Department and truly get to know each other in a fun atmosphere. The Imagine Festival helps break down the “Us – Them” barrier so that we can get to know each other and true communication, cooperation and collaboration can begin. I hope families throughout Richmond can come and enjoy this unique event,” said Mayor Dwight C. Jones.

The Imagine Festival began in 2005 as a community outreach event sponsored by Richmond’s Gang Reduction and Intervention Program. Since then, the city has sponsored the festival which has grown larger with each year. This year’s partners include the United States Census 2010, La Gran D 1480 AM, Radio Poder 1380 AM, Selecta 1320 AM, the Virginia Asian Foundation, Rejoice 1540 AM and the GRIP program.

For more information about the Imagine Festival, please call the city’s Hispanic Liaison Office at 646-0145.

Contact: Michael Wallace, (804) 646-2772