Mayor Comments on City Council Passage of Biennial Budget

Mayor Dwight Jones issued the following statement on the passage of the City’s biennial budget by Richmond City Council:

"City Council has done a good job with the changes that have been put forth in the biennial budget. Though this is a scaled back budget, this is a fair budget. We all sought to understand the varying perspectives and priorities and we have:

- protected necessary programs,
- made wise decisions for future savings,
- worked to have the least impact on citizens with regard to any
service reductions or revenue impacts,
- protected those residents who are most vulnerable,
- maintained and improved the City's fiscal health

"In this tough economic environment, I am pleased that we moved through this process with little contention. This is a climate where there had to be give and take by all involved. At this time, I can say that it is unlikely that I will make any changes to the work that has been done. What we have now is a period where we will ensure that there is nothing unforeseen that may need to be tended to. Overall, I am pleased with the work and with the process that we have just completed."