Richmond Mayor Addresses Chesterfield County

Announces "New Beginning" Toward Regional Cooperation

Mayor Dwight C. Jones, in a strategic effort to generate regional cooperation, made his first county visit today, meeting with the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. "I have made several announcements in my first few weeks in office about New Beginnings for the City and for my administration, and I want this visit to serve as a representation of my commitment to a New Beginning of closer working relationships with the City's regional partners," said Mayor Jones.

Education was underscored as a priority. Mayor Jones is particularly interested in working together to address common challenges that all school districts face, like how to teach children in their tumultuous middle-school years.

The aging infrastructure that the area must deal with was highlighted and the suggestion was made that perhaps there are ways the region can work together on projects that are eligible for the President's economic stimulus package.

Transportation is a high priority with the mayor noting that there must be collaboration in order to improve the region's transportation network. The mayor called on the group to look at certain corridors for seamless development as there are economic development and community development opportunities that transcend local boundaries.

The River was also emphasized and the mayor shared that he is focused on the James River in downtown Richmond; but he noted that this great asset is both west and south of the City and that the entire region shares an interest in the River's upkeep and progress.

Mayor Jones has plans to visit other neighboring counties including Henrico and Hanover. "Today I just want to say to our neighboring counties that we extend the hand of cooperation, and we look forward to Richmond being not just a great city, but to Richmond being a great region. People often focus on the differences in the region. I want to focus on the similarities," said Mayor Jones.

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