Mayor Announces Employee Focused "New Beginning"

Mayor Dwight C. Jones announced the first of his “New Beginning” plans to improve efficiency and excellence in City government with communication, cooperation, and collaboration. Today’s announcement focused on employee recognition and ethical expectations.

“I want City employees to know how thankful we are for the job that they do,” said the Mayor. “Fire, police, animal control officers, buildings maintenance, finance personnel, refuse collectors, parks and recreation employees, waste water treatment plant operators - every City employee - we value each one of you for helping to build a better Richmond on a daily basis.”

Today’s announcement included a performance pay increase to be reflected in the January 23, 2009 paychecks. City employees will also be recognized with the advent of an employee of the month spotlight to air on the first floor lobby monitors of City Hall and on City government channel 17. Additional initiatives include the Mayor hosting “brown bag lunches” with City employees and visits to employee work sites to gain first hand knowledge of working conditions and morale.

All City employees will be expected to meet ethical agreement requirements and department directors will be held to performance agreements.

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